A Cowlick Morning Garden Walk

My four-day vacation at home has been productive. The garden is well on its way to settling in for the colder weather, all composted, seeded and mulched. Although there is a lot of work to do, the fall garden might just be my favorite. I love the cool, dry air and the absence of unfriendly garden pests.

Pecan Grove

The ancient pecan trees are dropping their nuts, and Jacob and I gathered a big bucket of them last weekend. He says it is like an Easter egg hunt, searching in the grass for the nuts.  I will maked candied pecans with them, coated in an egg wash, rolled in brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg, and roasted just until they are fragrant and toasty.  Better than Easter eggs!

The garden is still yielding plenty of sweet bell peppers and zesty jalapenos. Last night I threw a bunch of the jalapenos on the grill after it cooled, but was still smoking. Now that they have absorbed some of that smoky essence, I will finish drying them in the oven and then pulverize them into chile powder. They will season soups and marinades and pizzas all winter!

Smoked Jalapenos

We are still harvesting plenty of Italian green beans. I picked handfuls the other night and more this morning. Later today, I’ll slow-cook them with tomatoes, garlic, bell peppers, onion, a little olive oil and some fresh herbs.

Italian Green Beans

We’re excited to see our first Meyer lemons ripening on our baby tree. I think Meyers are absolutely the gold standard for lemons. Their taste is amazing. It will be another year before we have enough yield to make lemon curd, lemon ice-box pie, and salted lemons. But I’m certain we’ll enjoy our first glass of homegrown lemonade this year.

An Almost- Ripe Meyer Lemon

We are enjoying another flush of gorgeous clematis  blooms. This is the first time it’s had late fall blooms, and I think is the result of regular feeding with Moo Poo Tea

Fall Flush of Clematis

The collards are also looking especially pleased with themselves. They will be so delicious slow-cooked and dressed with a little smoked ham A true Southern classic.

Baby Collards

Off to put on my garden boots and gloves…more planting to do today! Have a wonderful Sunday.

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