A Very Special Delivery

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There’s been a whole lot going on in our lives lately. Mainly, we are so happy and excited to announce the special delivery of our first granddaughter, Ayla Grace Flynt. She is an impatient sort of girl (like her mother), so she decided to show up early…two months early. She’s been giving her mama and daddy fits even before her arrival, carrying on in the womb and such. Her mama has been in the hospital for six weeks, and her daddy (bless his heart) has been staying with her mama on a cot in the hospital every night. Tonight they finally got to go home and sleep in their own bed. Big brother Jacob has been staying with his Nonny during the week, and with us every weekend. He’s been a very good boy. I have learned a lot about dinosaurs and tractors and patience. He has learned a lot about weeding and picking beans and love. We’ve been talking about what it means to be a big brother. It’s what families are all about.

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So little Ayla has already turned our world upside down–all 2 pounds, 14 ounces of beautiful spitfire that she is. Her very feminine name means “halo of the moon” in one language and “oak tree” in another. I love that, don’t you? Light and ephemeral as a halo around the moon, strong and deep-rooted like the ancient live oaks that grace our family farms.

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These photos were taken the morning after she was born. That big green thing? It’s a regular-sized pacifier. Magdalen says Ayla’s head is the size of a sweet Georgia peach. Her foot is the size of her auntie’s thumb. Feisty little Ayla. She grips her daddy’s finger until her knuckles are white. She already fills his heart. And she has him and her papa wrapped around her tiny self, never mind her finger. She’ll be home before we know it.

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In the meantime, though, if you can keep Ayla in your prayers and higher thoughts, I know it will help keep her halo polished and her wings light!



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