A Visit to the Georgian Terrace Hotel and Livingston Restaurant

An Atlanta Gem

The beautiful Livingston Bar

The Georgian Terrace Hotel is an exquisite historic hotel in the heart of Midtown, directly across the street from the fabulous Fox Theater. The Georgian Terrace is Atlanta’s oldest hotel, and its gorgeous architecture and sense of history is worth a visit on its own. Today, its elegance is still very much present, with a style that combines the classic with contemporary. Inside, the bar is a wonderful cocktail of crystal and columns and cool. It is a place that has captured the hears and imaginations of many passionate and creative people over many years, and the old hotel is new again. Channel your inner Scarlet, because the Gone With The Wind opening night party was held at the Georgian.

Heather and Livingston Sous Chef Jeremiah Haines

It is people with passion and the courage to follow their dreams that make the world go round. They also make it a much nicer place to live. I especially love to run across a talented young person that is pursuing his or her dream. Jeremiah Haines, the Sous Chef at Livingston, is one of those special people. I first met Jeremiah when he was at Coast in Buckhead. Last year, he moved to Livingston to work under the tutelage of Chef de Cuisine, Zeb Stevenson, who has ignited Jeremiah’s passion for good food and cooking. Both Jeremiah and Zeb have worked under the likes of Chef Paul, Ian Winslade, and Tom Catherall, the venerable “godfathers” of Atlanta dining. Talented and passionate-about-food, Jeremiah treated us to some gems from the kitchen at Livingston.

Our first course was pulled duck flatbread. The succulent duck on the warm fresh flatbread was accompanied by three of my favorites, figs, rochetta cheese and arugula, enhanced with a touch of violet oil. This dish is something I will crave. The rochetta cheese is a blend of sheep, goat and cow cheese, a fresh, bright, creamy delicacy that perfectly complements the rich duck. The sweet fig and spicy arugula jump in and please every taste bud.

Kobe Beef Carpaccio

I love carpaccio. Especially Kobe beef carpaccio, and it was hard for me to share this course with my dining companions. But I love them, so I did. The carpaccio was chilled and sliced paper thin, dressed with olive oil, shallot salt and champagne vinegar caviar. Perfect. The surprising little taste bursts of champagne vinegar caviar were gorgeous and fascinating.

Champagne vinegar caviar and my notes

After we inhaled the carpaccio and marveled over the caviar, Chef Jeremiah brought us a rich and delicious plate of beef short ribs with rosemary potato gratin and whole grain mustard jus. The short ribs were melt-in-your-mouth tender, but the rosemary potato gratin was the real star of this dish. I am a huge fan of gratins, and I think this was the best one I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Light as a feather and rich at the same time.

Our final tasty gem of the evening was a grilled skirt steak with hand cut fries. The skirt steak was marinated into tenderness in ginger, garlic and papaya. It was served with cold smoked hollandaise sauce. Smoked. Hollandaise. Sauce. You need to try it!

It was a delightful evening, and most delightful to see Jeremiah’s talent and skills as a young chef continuing to grow. Keep an eye on Jeremiah, and stop in at Livingston to taste his culinary delights! Thank you, Jeremiah!

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