A Wok Garden

A special gift from a virtual friend

This week I received a very special gift from a virtual friend who shares my passions for fresh vegetables and cooking.  Her name is Eleanor Hoh, and she is a Wok Star!  Eleanor is an entrepreneur and teaches cooking classes based on “easy style” techniques using a wok and fresh vegetables.  She also sells really cool Wok Star kits that look like lots of fun–a Wok Star kit would be a cool Christmas gift!  Check out her Web site and see what I mean! 

Wok Star

Eleanor likes to pay an occasional virtual visit to Cowlick Cottage Farm, and she was kind enough to send me some wonderful Chinese vegetable seeds that I planted this morning in what we have dubbed the Wok Garden.  It only took a few minutes.  First I fed the soil with a healthy helping of our own organic compost, turning it under and mixing it into the top few inches of soil.  I sprinkled each of the different seeds–Flowering Kale, Broccolli Raab, Chinese Cabbage, and Mustard, in their own sections of the Wok Garden.  A light covering of soil and sweet hay, and a good sprinkle of water finished the garden work.  If we are lucky with the weather for a week or so, there will be little Chinese seedlings popping up through the soil.

The Wok Garden

Thanks, Eleanor, for sending a little bit of China to Cowlick Cottage!  I can’t wait to make an awesome stirfry with my Wok Garden veggies.

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