Take Time to Grow

A reflection on personal growth through gardening at Cowlick Cottage Farm


There are probably as many reasons to garden as there are gardeners, don’t you think? For me, growing fruits and vegetables at Cowlick Cottage Farm started out …
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Spring Means Fava Beans


Fava beans (Vicia faba), or broad beans, are an ancient Mediterranean crop and a member of the pea family. Planted by seed
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Fruit Trees Please!

Meyer Lemon Blossom,

I first fell in love with the idea of having a fruit tree back when we lived in suburban Clearwater. The yards were quite small, and several of our neighbors had citrus trees …
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Garden a Disaster? Well, Kiss My Aster! (A Book Giveaway)

_MG_8748 (364x563)

Amanda Thomsen’s book, Kiss My Aster: A Graphic Guide to Creating a Fantastic Yard Totally Tailored to You is one of my new favorites …
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Comfort from the Winter Garden: Creamed Kale


This has been a strange winter weather-wise. While my family up north is buried from last night’s historic blizzard, the temperatures here will be in the 70s …
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Ten Days of Holiday Giveaways for Gardeners–Final Winner and a Recipe for Shrimpies!


I hope that everyone has been enjoying this holiday contest as much as I have! Today I am excited to announce our final winner, Lara Ruiz! Lucky Lara is the winner of an autographed set of how-to deck cards from P. Allen Smith. Woot! Lara, please send your shipping address to and
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Ten Days of Holiday Giveaways for Gardeners - Day One

Win a few of my favorite things!

Tomtens by Cowlick Cottage Farm

This might just be the most fun post I have ever shared with you. Why? Well, because I’m being joined by a bunch of great friends to give away some of my favorite awesome products—all designed, written or produced by people that I know and love. We’ll be gifting lucky winners
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December Morning In My Garden

Garlic, Cowlick Cottage Farm

It was nice to have a couple of hours to myself in the garden this morning—well, almost to myself. I did have a visit from my next door neighbor, Bella. She is so nosy!

I was surprised to see a fresh bloom on my climbing rose, New Dawn.
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