Camellia in a Mason Jar

Experimenting with your camera

I got a new camera for Christmas and was inspired by Gardening Gone Wild’s photo contest, which is being judged by photographer, David Perry. The basic premise of the contest is a wonderful lesson in macro photography. I love macro photography. It is exactly the way that I look at my garden. All the time. I love to see the veins of a leaf, a blossom just opening, the inside of a walnut, a lizard’s eye. Nature is mysterious, and sexy. The lesson requires that the subject of the photo be placed in a Mason (or other) jar, and the shot be taken with the camera sitting on the rim of the jar. Up close and personal. I took a hundred or more different shots with different subjects and played with the lighting. My favorite subject was the camellia, a southern beauty, languishing on black velvet. Here are several shots, all taken in a Mason jar! Tell me what you think! Which shot is your favorite?

Camellia I

Camellia II

Camellia III

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