Contest: Channeling Your Inner Child

Guess what this is (or not) and be entered for a prize drawing!

Sometimes I watch little children play today, and I think they have lost some of their capacity to pretend like we used to do. Computer games and videos just cannot replace the wild openness of the backyard or the edge of the lake or a warm tidal pool.  My brothers and I could spend a whole afternoon under a low-branched tree, which became a witch’s hideout, or a monster’s cave.  The gentle mist of a leaky hose became the frost that dressed an ice princess, glistening in the sun, as the soldiers of fortune battled over her kingdom. My brothers’ bunk bed was a fortress of many seasons, and a sturdy ship as well. The shady dwelling underneath the old side porch was a village in a foreign country, and a slide could take you anywhere. Remember? It was so much fun!

Sometimes we grownups forget to look at things with the perspective of a child, when a cherry blossom was amazing and a bee hilarious. See if you can channel your inner girl or boy and identify the living creature in the photo below.  Is it of land or sea? Does it eat flies, or plankton, or little children?  What, exactly, is it? 

Winners that correctly identify the object in the photo will be entered into a drawing for a free pound of Cowlick Cottage organic gourmet garlic, as soon as it is harvested and cured.  Imaginative winners that have absolutely no idea what this creature is, but leave us a wild and wonderful suggestion will also be entered into the contest. Channel your inner child, and good luck! Please make sure you leave a valid e-mail address. And visit again to enter occasional drawings until the garlic is harvested!

Mystery I

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