December Garden

Iceberg Rose

The fall and winter are some of the most productive gardening seasons here in north Florida.  Although we do experience freezing temperatures, we also have warm days where the temperature rises up into the seventies.  There are fewer pests and diseases to cope with, thus less drudgery and more fun gardening than in the heat of the summer. 


The key to a successful winter garden is to choose the correct crops to grow.  Cabbage, kale, broccolli, herbs, turnips, rutabaga, citrus, carrots, lettuce, snow peas, and of course garlic, onions and shallots are all growing quite happily right now.  There are also the last vestiges of the summer garden clinging to the vine…an eggplant, peppers, and even a few hopeful tomatoes.  I hope you enjoy this little tour of the December garden’s progress.

The pecan grove planted with winter rye grass for the cows

Hopeful Tomatoes

Golden Snow Peas

Fava Beans - A spring gourmet delight

Baby Garlic - 300 of them to harvest in spring!

Baby Ponderosa Lemons grow so large that one will make a pitcher of lemonade

Romaine will provide us with delicious salads all winter

A little lizard suns herself

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