DeWit Garden Tools--Best Mother's Day Gift Ever!

My husband is forever telling me that I need to use the right tool for the job. Maybe he says this because I frequently use a butter knife in place of a screwdriver and think my high heels make a fine hammer in a pinch. But as usual, he’s right. I thought about this today, as I tried out my new garden tools sent over from Holland by my friend, Sietse de Wit, CEO of DeWit Garden Tools in Holland. I learned about these magnificent tools through my good friend, Shawna Coronado. Shawna was lucky enough to travel to Holland to visit DeWit Garden Tools and spend some time at the forgery. She even designed her own garden tool, the Shawna Scoop, for container gardening. While designing the scoop, Shawna sent her gardener friends questions about how to make the perfect container scoop. DeWit listened and incorporated our ideas in the design of the scoop. Then they sent us one to try out. How cool is that? It’s one of my most treasured possessions. Shawna has posted a detailed story about her blacksmithing experience on her gorgeous blog.


Through Shawna, Sietse DeWit and I became friends and started talking about gardening and garden tools. He likes to ask lots of questions about gardening, and he uses input from passionate gardeners to improve his tools and create new ones. How about that? A company that listens to its customers! Now, I’ve been gardening for a long time…most of my life, but I have never invested in great hand tools. Until today, my only tools were determination, garden gloves, and a spade. I didn’t even own a hoe. Hello! I have been missing something in my life, and I didn’t even know it. Weeding occupied a LOT of my time in the garden, and it was tedious and uncomfortable. No more!

DeWit Garden Tools,

This morning, I tried out my gorgeous hoe from DeWit Garden tools. In less than an hour, I weeded all of my garden beds to perfection, and I have a dozen raised beds, 5 rows of no-dig beds, and at least 15 fruits trees to keep tidy. This usually takes me several hours of weeding by hand. In Florida, weeding in the heat of summer is not for the faint of heart. You have to be a passionate gardener to keep things even halfway presentable. So I was really excited to complete my weeding chores in no time this morning. My new garden hoe even makes me look forward to gardening in July and August.

DeWit Garden Tools,

This special hoe is hand-forged from steel, with a solid ash handle—it’s heirloom quality. It feels great to hold and to work with. The handle is designed to be superbly comfortable for the gardener. The blade is perfectly angled to effortlessly glide just under the soil, and it’s sharp enough to cut through the toughest weeds without a problem. In addition to being artisan blacksmiths, I have to believe that the team at DeWit Garden Tools are also gardeners, because they understand exactly how a tool is held and used by a gardener.

DeWit carries an entire line of garden tools for every garden chore under the sun, and I especially love the ones that are designed specifically for raised beds. The extra length of the handle allows me to reach into the middle of my beds without the usual back or shoulder strain. Perfect for the raised beds that it is designed for, I also found it extremely useful for weeding around my young citrus trees. With its 5-inch blade, I could precision-weed around new seedling and young plants. In short, weeding was an absolute pleasure, and I had a couple of extra hours in the garden to relax and take photos. A couple of extra hours are a treasure!


So, I am recommending DeWit Garden Tools as the perfect gift for your gardening mom. And if you are lucky and good to your mama, you’ll inherit them someday! DeWit Garden Tools are available in the U.S. from Garden Tool Co. Head on over there, and make your mom (or yourself) happy! And honey, you were right. The right tool for the job makes all the difference.

Legal Jargon: DeWit Garden Tools provided me with sample tools. My opinions are completely and honestly my own.

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