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As a long-time customer of Just Fruits and Exotics Nursery, almost all of the edibles that I grow in my garden originated at the nursery. We grow about 30 varieties of fruit trees and other edibles here at Cowlick Cottage Farm—right in our backyard! Over the years, we have built a relationship of friendship and trust with second-generation owner, Brandy Cowley-Gilbert, and her team. Brandy is a walking plant encyclopedia, and her passion for growing beautiful, healthy plants and helping her customers learn about them is infectious. This winter, during a walk through the orchard at Just Fruits and Exotics, Brandy and I started talking plants, and a few hours later I left with a car full of fruit and nut trees and an idea! What if we collaborated on a series of outstanding plants—a collection of our favorites—the best-tasting, easiest to care for, coolest plants around? Yes! We’re really excited to be partnering with Just Fruits and Exotics to introduce the Cowlick Cottage Farm Plant Collection!

Edible Varieties
The Cowlick Cottage Farm Collection features edible varieties that have been field- and recipe-tested by me and Just Fruits and Exotics owner, Brandy Cowley-Gilbert.

A collaboration
The goal of our collaboration is to inspire folks to experience the joy and satisfaction of growing and cooking food from their own beautiful gardens. We want to help gardeners learn about the incredible varieties of fruits and other edibles that aren’t available in the average grocery store. I’ll share my recipes and my experiences with growing these great plants, and Just Fruits and Exotics will ship them to you to grow in your garden.

We’re starting with the Superfruit Collection, and they’ll be more to come. Hope you enjoy.

Plant group includes:

1- PREMIER BLUEBERRY (3 Gal., 2-3 Ft.)
1- O’ROURKE FIG (3 Gal., 2-3 Ft.)

The Cowlick Cottage Farm Superfruit Plant Collection is available to order through Just Fruits and Exotics.http://fightinganorexia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/ordernowcc-green.png

 What sets these plants apart from other nurseries is that they are packed and shipped in 3-gallon pots. This gives the plants a great head start, meaning they’ll start producing fruit quickly! Get started on your garden today!

The introductory Superfruit Collection features plants that are both beautiful and edible. They are easy to grow, too! A beautiful combination in the garden, Brandy recommends mixing an O’Rourke fig tree with feathery Christina pomegranate and Premier and Brightwell blueberry bushes to provide texture and color contrast. Wow! Talk about a beautiful and productive little garden! Let’s look at each plant in the collection.

O'Rourke Fig FruitThe O’Rourke fig is named in honor of Louisiana State University’s famed professor, Dr. Edmund N. O’Rourke, who for decades was devoted to improving figs especially for home gardeners. Dr. O’Rourke grew literally thousands of fig hybrids, sending them to southern gardeners to trial in their backyards. The best of his trials are prized and collected by fig aficionados all over. The O’Rourke fig, a hybrid of Celeste, is a beautiful deep dark shade on the outside, and the inside is golden with a red center. From a cook’s point of view, figs are sweet and nutritious. They are high in potassium, which can help lower blood pressure. Figs are high in fiber and calcium, making them a satisfying treat for those of us watching our weight. Fig leaves are edible, too, and are said to have anti-diabetic qualities.

Brightwell Blueberry Fruit 1Whether eaten by the handful, or baked into muffins, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love ripe, juicy blueberries. The Premier and Brightwell Blueberries that are part of the Cowlick Cottage Farm Collection are two of the best selections to grow in the south. Blueberry bushes are underutilized in the landscape, as they are beautiful almost year-round. In the spring, the airy shrubs are alight with delicate white blooms. Summer brings beautiful berries, and in the fall, the leaves of the blueberry bush turn scarlet—welcome fall color for the south! From the cook’s point of view, have you priced a basket of organic blueberries lately? Whew! Blueberries are a superfruit, being extremely high in healthy antioxidants. Your investment in a couple of high quality blueberry bushes will earn their keep within a few years.

The Christina Pomegranate rounds out the outstanding plant selections for our introductory Cowlick Cottage Farm Collection. The pomegranate has been described as “the most medicinal fruit in the world” partly because it is rich in thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamins B6, B9, and C, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. 1 Pomegranates are expensive to purchase in the supermarket, if you can find them, but the sweet-tart juice and the seeds are prized in the kitchen. Pomegranates are prized in the garden as well. The bushes have a beautiful willowy characteristic that contrasts really nicely with the broad, lobular leaves of the fig tree. In the old days, pomegranates were found by the backdoor of many a farmhouse in the south. Isn’t it time we bring this beautiful fruit back to the garden?

The Cowlick Cottage Farm Superfruit Plant Collection is available to order through Just Fruits and Exotics.http://fightinganorexia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/ordernowcc-green.png


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