Father’s Day Dinner

Not much time to write tonight, as I am busy making a special dinner for my hubby. We are feasting on Asian Grilled Salmon, asparagus sauteed in EVOO with our roasted garlic, and fresh mango salsa.   I hope there is some salsa left by the time I finish making it.  For dessert, which is a rarity for us, I made fresh peach ice cream–my first try at homemade ice cream. I’ll let you know how it turns out!  Fresh cream and organic milk, Georgia peaches, sugar and a dash of vanilla–how can it not be good?

Let’s give some special recognition to all the great dads out there. You know, the ones that show up at the baseball games, the science fairs, and the dance recitals; the ones that know how to fix anything that breaks, including your heart; the ones that listen; the ones that make you laugh; the ones that keep the yard pretty; the ones that put a good meal on the table in these trying times and manage to pay your college tuition; and the ones that bail you out when you are in trouble.  God bless fathers everywhere.  Amen.

Monday Update:  I didn’t get the chance to post this last night, but the father of my children ate two servings of the salmon and the ice cream, and then he went to sleep.  Success.  I added a little fresh ginger to the salmon marinade, and the next time I make peach ice cream,  I will add just a hint of cinnamon and a splash of dark rum.  What can I say, it’s the rebel in me, and I need to keep things a little exciting!  The fact that I think I am a rebel makes my children laugh, but they are still so, so young, that I don’t let that bother me.  

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