Feel Good Tea: A Delicious and Natural Remedy

Contrary to popular belief, I do consume beverages other than coffee and red wine. Variety is the spice of life, right? Ever since I discovered the charms of Feel Good Tea, I make it a point to keep some on hand, both at home and at the office. Feel Good Tea is a deceptively simple concoction made from local organic honey, lemons and ginger that boosts your energy and lifts your spirits. A spoonful is a wonderful pick-me-up stirred into hot water, especially when you feel the start of a cold or the flu coming on. Or at 3:00 on a rainy afternoon. Feel Good Tea is also a perfect addition to your favorite tea, and it makes an outstanding hot toddy. Honey, lemon and ginger have soothing, healing qualities that make you feel good, no matter what ails you.

Feel Good Tea, www.cowlickcottagefarm.com

Start making your own Feel Good Tea by pouring some honey into a pretty jar. Local honey is the best to use, no matter where you live, because it contains pollen and other elements that grow in your area. This is purported to help ease allergy symptoms and strengthen your immune system. In my lucky case, I buy gorgeous, amber-colored Tupelo honey from a local farmer. Honey has tons of healing properties, being a natural antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antiseptic packed with antioxidants. Plus it tastes delicious. What is not to love?

Feel Good Tea, www.cowlickcottagefarm.com

To your special jar of honey, add a sliced organic lemon. Lemon adds tart and tangy flavor that balances the sweetness of the honey nicely. It is high in vitamin C, and that helps support immune function. The delicate acids in lemon balance the stronger acids in your digestive system, calming it down. Lemon also helps stimulate and purify the liver and purge toxins from your system. I told you it was good.

Feel Good Tea, www.cowlickcottagefarm.com

Finally, a few slices of fresh ginger add a warm spicy pungency to Feel Good Tea. Ginger works as an excellent anti-inflammatory, meaning it helps alleviate joint pain as well as the aches and pains of colds or flu. Ginger is a wonder at settling and soothing an upset stomach. It’s even rumored to have aphrodisiac properties.

Feel Good Tea, www.cowlickcottagefarm.com

Swirl these magical healing ingredients together, and keep your Feel Good Tea in the fridge. The honey will keep it fresh indefinitely, but it won’t last that long!

Feel Good Tea


One cup local, organic honey
One organic lemon, washed and sliced, ends discarded
Several slices of peeled, fresh organic ginger


Fill a pretty jar about to about halfway with the honey. Add lemon and ginger slices, alternating them. Top off with additional honey, leaving a half-inch of head space. Store in the refrigerator, letting it steep for a few days before using it. Stir gently before serving.

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