Garden Walk at Cowlick Cottage Farm

Just a few shots of my garden walk this morning. Everything is in full bloom! I love this time of year.

Sunflower, Cowlick Cottage Farm

I’m growing lots of sunflowers from seed. They are mixed in among my veggies to attract pollinators. They also make a pretty, impromptu support for cucumbers and other vining veggies.

Proven Winners - Sweet Lifeberry™ - Goji Berry, Cowlick Cottage Farm

I’m very excited to be trialing this Proven Winners – Sweet Lifeberry™ – Goji Berry. It’s already filled with blooms and tiny berries. Goji berries have been grown in China for their health benefits for thousands of years.

Zinnia, Cowlick Cottage Farm

This pretty zinnia was grown from seed. I love their pop of color amidst all the green in the garden.

Zinnia, Cowlick Cottage Farm

If you are growing zinnias, make sure you cut them once or twice a week. It will help them to produce more blooms.

Zinnia, Cowlick Cottage Farm

I’ve been picking a couple of bouquets every weekend, and they last all week long.

Hydrangea, Cowlick Cottage Farm

I love our old hydrangeas. They are in full bloom right now!

Agapanthus, Cowlick Cottage Farm

Getting agapanthus to bloom can be a challenge. The trick is to crowd them together. They like to be close!

Thanks for joining me on my garden walk this morning!

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