P Allen Smith’s Garden2Blog, Part IV

Smartyplants: Plant Geek Tips From Bonnie Plants


An important part of our visit to P. Allen Smith’s garden home, Moss Mountain Farm, was participating in the educational presentations given by the Garden2Blog sponsors. One of my favorite presentations was, of course, in the one-acre organic vegetable garden with Bonnie Plants. Bonnie plants is a family-owned company that is a national wholesaler
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A Review of Atlanta’s Mansion on Peachtree and Empire State South

Smoked duck breast with preserved cherries, braised red cabbage, parsley root, black trumpet mushrooms

There is nothing like a midwinter getaway to lift a girl’s spirits. Recently, my friend Laura and I escaped to Atlanta to reconnect and recharge. She was on her way to Switzerland to go skiing. I was on my way…to Atlanta! We enjoyed a fabulous stay at the chic Mansion on Peachtree. The rooms
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Autumn Visit to Just Fruits and Exotics

The New Leaf Market Farm Tour

Beautiful ripe persimmons

This weekend was a big one for farmers and gardeners in north Florida and South Georgia.  The New Leaf Market Farm Tour attracts an ever-growing crowd to its 32 participating farms, backyard gardens and dairies.  We often spend the entire weekend touring farms right near our home in Monticello. But this year, we
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An Evening in Atlanta and Stone-Ground Grits with Mushrooms

Inspired by Parish Foods and Goods, Inman Square

It's all about atmosphere

Every now and then, I tear myself away from weeding and digging and go to the Big City. I put on high heels, smokey eyeliner, and maybe a pencil skirt. Because when I go to Atlanta, it’s not to sleep. It’s to hang out with beautiful people.

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Mountain Woman

Every now and then, it's fun to be Queen...

Sunset with moon. Must have moon.

Just a glimpse of my beautiful mountain weekend…

Looking down upon the mountaintops

A Lady's Lunch

Primitive Horse

Stained Glass at Sunset

Local Tweed, Hand-Carved Cherry Wood Bowl

Glen Through Screen

Peaceful Corner

Hummingbird, Little Helicopter

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Labor Day Antiquing and Whatnot

Window Shopping in Thomasville, Georgia

The doors to Kevin's. He was closed today, but hey! Look at the doors! Can you imagine what is inside?

Labor Day is pretty quiet around here. The girls are all over…one at the beach, one in the city, one working with the Red Cross up in North Carolina. Quiet.
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A Visit to Cape Ann

The Vista Motel at Good Harbour Beach

Good Harbour Beach from The Vista

Cape Ann Coastline

I haven’t written a new post in about three weeks, and I’m like a rusty hinge on a garden gate, willing to open up, but not sure I am able. The last few weeks have been filled with drama, followed by a mid-summer lethargy that is common in the deep
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Girl with a Pearl

Sometimes Life is Just Funny!

Girl with a Pearl

Girl with a Pearl

I took my daughter out to lunch for her 26th birthday today. It was a lovely day, and we sat outside and enjoyed the cool breeze at one of Tallahassee’s nicest little restaurants, Kool Beanz. They have a great menu, and being an organic gardener and foodie, I especially appreciate the
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