Green Giveaway: Kitchen Composting Made Easy

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As an organic gardener, I know that kitchen composting is a really good thing to do, both for the environment and for my garden. But it can be messy, smelly and just too complicated. So I admit, until recently most of my veggie cuttings, coffee grounds, bits of paper and eggshells went in the disposal or the trash. Not good!

So when I was contacted by Full Circle and asked to give their indoor kitchen composter a try, I was interested. I have tried indoor composters in the past, and they always ended up being too messy for me. Many require filter changes and do not have handy compostable bags to make the job easy. I was excited when I received my Full Circle Odor Free Kitchen Compost Collector. It takes two seconds to set up—all you need to do is attach the compostable bag. The design is attractive enough to leave out, and I love the push button top for the lid. In fact last night when I was preparing dinner, I peeled my carrots and other veggies directly into the compost collector. How simple is that? I also love that it is odor and bug free—an outstanding design.

Once the Full Circle Odor Free Kitchen Compost Collector is full, all you do is take the bag out, dump it in your compost pile and attach a new bag. Not only do you cut down on smelly trash, but your garden will benefit from some of the most nutrient-rich compost ingredients available. A win-win!

Would you like to give kitchen composting a try? I’d like to help you, and along with Full Circle, I am giving away a free Full Circle Odor Free Kitchen Compost Collector. How cool is that? All you need to do to enter is to leave me a comment about what you are doing in your home or garden to be more green, then subscribe to my e-mail list ( Email Sign Up Link). If you are already a subscriber and would like to enter this contest, just leave me a comment. The random winner will be announced on Friday, August 17. Please share this contest with your gardening and foodie friends!

When you have a minute, pop over and check out Full Circle’s cool product line, and please like them on Facebook and Twitter . I love their stylish organic kitchen tools!

DISCLOSURE: I received a free kitchen composter from Full Circle to test and Full Circle is providing an additional composter for me to give away. All opinions are my own.

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