Is there anything more promising than a seed?

Tree in Bloom by Natalie

It amazes me that such a little tiny thing, with just a little dirt, water, warmth and sunshine, will eventually grow into something we can eat or admire for its beauty–or both! I planted a ton of seedlings and seeds this weekend. In one of the new long no dig beds, I planted half in Contender Bush Bean and half in Tokyo Verde Soy Beans (edamame anyone?). Since beans are excellent soil builders (they fix nitrogen into the soil), I figured this would help to build the soil in the new bed.

We added some herbs to the heirloom tomato bed–sweet basil, cilantro, sage, and parsley. In fact, I mixed herbs in amongst all the beds. They are good companion plants, they are pretty, and they help to attract beneficial insects into the garden. They are also great to cook with, and they are loaded with lots of healthy antioxidants and other medicinal properties. This year, just for fun, I planted several herbs that are soothing and beneficial especially for women, such as sage, motherwort, evening primrose, lovage, and vervain. These are currently settling into the raised beds, but once they really get going, I am going to create a retreat–a woman’s comfort garden–in a quiet corner of the yard. Comfy chairs, a water feature, and wonderfully fragrant plants will be an appealing place to escape with a good book or a good friend.

I planted a flat of peppers, some along the border of the gazebo, and some in a small raised bed. There are several different types–Carig’s Grande Jalapeno, Emerald Giant, Corno del Toro. They are all mixed up, primarily because the cat knocked over all of my carefully labeled flats of seedlings. Darned cat. So, what is planted where will actually be a bit of a surprise this year! In amongst the peppers, I scattered dill seed. I think the airiness of the dill will be pretty with the peppers. We’ll see!

One of the large raised beds was planted with Burmese Okra, more tomatoes, and lots of basil and parsley. I also threw in a couple of extra squash transplants that were left over from last week. Why not?

The lettuce bed is sprouting with Arugula, Asian Red Lettuce, and Parris Island Cos. Along the back of that bed, I sowed seed for Japanese Long Cucumber. Since cukes are very heavy feeders, this bed got an extra dose of organic fertilizer, bone meal and warm castings. Hopefully, we will have enough cukes to make pickles this summer.

I planted some of the wonderfully odd looking Kohlrabi–just a few. The baby turnips were thinned, and the chicks appreciated the extra greens! I think that’s it for planting, but I might just start a flat of eggplant so that it will be ready to plant in a couple of weeks. We also still need to plant our melons–Ali Baba and Sleeping Beauty–but the beds aren’t ready yet. Maybe next weekend!

The blueberries, peach tree, and strawberries are in full swing. The knockout roses are leafing out after their drastic haircut of a few weeks ago. And the azaleas are just about to start their spring show. Every day, more plants are poking through the soil, and I check the garden daily to see what’s new!

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