Labor Day Antiquing and Whatnot

Window Shopping in Thomasville, Georgia

The doors to Kevin's. He was closed today, but hey! Look at the doors! Can you imagine what is inside?

Labor Day is pretty quiet around here. The girls are all over…one at the beach, one in the city, one working with the Red Cross up in North Carolina. Quiet. I spent the morning shining up the cottage, and then took the Mini Cooper for a drive up the road to Thomasville, Georgia. Thomasville is a lovely little Southern town with lots of charm and grace. The people are kind, the food is excellent (try Liam’s and Jonah’s Fish and Grits), and the shopping! The shops actually have personality and uniqueness. That’s hard to find.  There are antique shops galore! There’s Relish–a much beloved store for kitchen fanatics, and the Sweet Grass Dairy shop for gourmet food lovers. They make their own award-winning cheeses –and offer cheesemaking classes–at their farm right down the road.  For amazing home decorating fabrics, you can visit Trolley’s. I spend a lot of money there. 

My antique chair recovered in animal print chenille from Trolley's in Thomasville. It used to be pink taffeta. Silk drapes from Restoration Hardware.

Visit Coffey’s for the most gorgeous furniture, and Kathy’s for kickass shoes. The Gift Shop is always fun to visit, with their beautiful accessories and great customer service.  Kevin’s is the place for outdoor wear, guns, and a nice collection of tablewares and cookbooks. A stop at the farmers market is a must on the way home for local produce, honey, and smoked meats. I was so excited to be going to Thomasville for a day of shopping. But my favorite shops were all closed for the holiday. No matter. I saved a ton of money and had a great time anyway. There was one antique shop with its doors open, and I took some photos of possible purchases to show my husband. And you. Take a visual stroll through Thomasville with me.

The shops are getting ready for Hallowe'en. Aren't these cool?

The old shops on the main drag are lovingly restored.

The sign says it all. The best shoe shop ever!

One of my favorite shops. Check out those chandeliers!

Inside the only antique shop that was open, I found treasures. Like original Jadeite. I might go back and get this. The whole set.

I love the old kitchen tools, so beautifully made!

The worn green captured me!

Look at the detail on this beautiful old china. The green is unusual.

I love blue and white china. And is that a princess I see?

My husband loves these mixing bowls. They would look gorgeous in my butler's pantry.

Let's be very grateful we are not doing laundry with one of these old wringers. Talk about Labor Day! This old piece would look wonderful on my front porch.

I am a self-confessed fiberholic. Look at this gorgeous old tablecloth! Refer back to blue and white princess china. Match, and game!

I love the pink, and I love the texture. I think I'm going to go back and get this one.

My original "purpose" for visitng Thomasville was to find a pickle crock. This is gorgeous, but at 12 gallons, a bit too big for the two of us. I'll probably regret not buying it, though. It has great pickle zen. We all need pickle zen.

I fell in love with this old egg crate! Funny that it's from Maine. We have plenty of chickens right here. But then again, the crabmeat I bought on the way home was from the Philippines. I live in Florida. We have beaucoup crab here. How does this make sense?

I need this butter churn. I've never seen one just like it. It must make about 5 gallons of butter at a time. That's probably enough. It would be an awesome planter!

If the dresses are as cute as the sign, I'm in.

These are a must Christmas gift for one daughter, whooo is very wise and loves owls.

This little fellow? He needs to come home with me, too. I think I can fit him in the Mini, along with the groceries and the pine shavings for the chickens. I think I can. I think I can.

Thomasville is known for its roses, and I couldn't resist this shot of the Rose Festival sign. I took it in honor of my friend, the Redneck Rosarian. Check him out if you grow roses!

I enjoyed my quick visit to Thomasville, and I’ll go back soon. Next time, all the shops will be open, and we can load up the back of the Mini with goodies galore for Cowlick Cottage Farm! 

PS:  If you want me to purchase any of these items for you, or you’re searching for a special something, just send me a note–I’m happy to pick them up and have them shipped, from my cottage to your cottage.



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