New Leaf Farm Tour Weekend

The New Leaf Farm Tour weekend is one of my favorite autumn events, right up there with Thanksgiving and the first fire in the fireplace.  It is the brainchild of New Leaf Market, our local co-op, which is a wonderful place to visit on its own.  Over 30 local farms participate in the farm tour, and folks can meet their local farmers and see where their food comes from and how it grows.  Every farm is unique–there are cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, veggies, fruits, vineyards and even an alpaca farm, Alpacas Pure and Simple, which is right around the corner from Cowlick Cottage Farm.  I bought some gorgeous yarn there that will make a cozy scarf, and I made some new friends. 

Mama and Baby

Handsome Devil!

I Have a Great Life!

Riley, You are NOT an Alpaca!

During tour weekend, folks can take workshops, buy fresh, organic produce, learn beekeeping, have lunch at Tupelo’s Bakery, and meet their neighbors.  Connecting your food with your hometown is cool.

 If you live in or near Tallahassee, try to visit a few farms this weekend.  Celebrate the riches that our area is so blessed to produce.  Hope to see you there, and we look forward to being a part of the tour next year! 

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