November Evening Garden Walk

November is a wonderful time for gardening in north Florida. The light in the mornings and evenings is so beautiful it takes your breath away. Here are a few shots from the gardens at Cowlick Cottage Farm this evening. I hope you enjoy them!


Cleyera adds fall color to the new border garden.

_MG_6329 (563x375)

Mustard, arugula, chard, mizuna, bok choy and other nutritious greens will be in our soup bowls tonight, along with shrimp, garlic, onion and broth.

_MG_6366 (375x563)

I absolutely love the new native grasses we planted in the beds this fall.

_MG_6371 (563x375)

This is Mexican Tarragon in full bloom. It is huge and feeds the butterflies. I use it to make our favorite roast chicken with tarragon cream sauce.

_MG_6375 (375x563)

This is one of my favorite winter beds. It is a blend of Asian greens that I raise from organic seed. Extremely easy to grow and very nutritious, it will feed us all winter. You can grow these greens in partial shade!

_MG_6391 (375x563)

This cigarette plant, or cuphea ignea, is ignited by the evening sun.

_MG_6398 (375x563)

The new variety of Wave pansies adds a quaint element of cheer to the fall garden.


A seedhead at sunset.

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