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World-class getaway to Primland Lodge and Blowing Rock

Photograph courtesy of Primland

Just back from the best girls’ getaway ever, so I am still in recovery mode and adjusting to reality. Why the hell do we get up so early, and why don’t we have fresh whipped cream and shaved dark chocolate in our coffee every morning?  I’m just asking…   

I was accompanied and hosted by my very best friend, Susan, along with the devoted attention of her husband, the love of her life.  We spent the first couple of days enjoying their beautiful rustic cottage, which is perched atop a mountain just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. People sneak into their backyard (and risk getting shot) just to see and photograph the world-class view.  Do not mess with my best friend.  Anyway, there is nothing more wonderful than being welcomed into the heart of a much-loved home.  Great conversation, a roaring fire, heartwarming meals, laughter, wine, homemade quilts, cuddly puppies, and the whole galaxy touching the cottage roof.  Life really doesn’t get any better.   

Photo courtesy of Susan Bradbury

I must confess that we pampered ourselves into total bliss at the spa at Primland Lodge.  Just a couple of hours from Greensboro airport, Primland is a destination worthy of adding to your dream list. Pay off your credit card, raid the bottom of your purse, the back of your kitchen junk drawers, and the pockets of your loved ones for all those lost dollars, and just GO. After your first treatment, set aside a couple of hours to spend in the stunning Relaxation Room so that you can sip some sasparilla tea and take in the gorgeous view.  Absorb the haunting Native American music and authentic artwork.  Run your fingers over the rough-cut stone tiles, and drench yourself in the quiet depths of the pool.  Fall asleep with a book on your lap.  Relax.  Then get another spa treatment.  Relax a little more than you ever believed was possible, and breathe.  Take in the aromatherapy steambath and a waterfall shower, and force yourself to get dressed.  When you are thoroughly void of stress and care, saunter into the Saloon and order a glass of wine and an appetizer of homemade toast, roasted garlic, tapenade, roasted red peppers and perfectly cured Serrano ham. If you wish to, you may play golf or go hunting or antiquing. But I didn’t wish to. I was happy just to exist.   

After you have had a heavenly night’s rest and a hearty breakfast, make a good cup of coffee and take a road trip along the amazing Blue Ridge Parkway to the village of Blowing Rock, NC, and wander around for a couple of days. If you are a lover of fiber, visit the great yarn shop, Unwound.  They carry yarn spun from alpaca, yak, cashmere and mink!  Afterwards, if you’re feeling  just a little guilty for having so much fun, visit Mast General Store in nearby Boone, and buy your kids some old-fashioned penny candy.  I work really hard, so I didn’t feel guilty at all, and I bought myself a nice pair of boots.    

Back in Blowing Rock, stop in a pub for some refreshment, and watch the locals stroll by. If you are a gourmet, visit  Storie Street Grille, and get the Crispy Duck for dinner.  Then send me a thank you note for the recommendation!  At the end of the day, find a great inn and snuggle under a down comforter. You’ll stop worrying about the state of the world for a few days.   

Many thanks to Brooks and Susan for a wonderful weekend of friendship, fun and tranquillity.   



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