It’s the New Year, and most of us are thinking about losing the few (or more) pounds that we gained over the holidays. So I decided to start with a healthy salad when my daughter came for a visit. She’s gorgeous, by the way.  I’m just saying!  She recently shed about 30 pounds, which must have been 1/3 of her body weight.  She is an elliptical expert!  I am not, but I applaud her magnificent progress…

Magdalen at Christmas

Anyway, I craved a nice, fresh salad, but I didn’t want my family to come down  with  RFWS* (Rich Food Withdrawal Syndrome), so I made panzanella.  Grown children who don’t live at home are especially vulnerable to RFWS, so beware!  Panzanella is a nice in-between kind of dish.  Think sourdough bread fried in good olive oil.  Add the fried sourdough cubes to fresh, chunky cukes, tomatoes, feta, calamata olives, sweet onions, green peppers and fresh garden herbs dressed with a simple vinaigrette. Let it all sit and smoulder for awhile, and then serve!  It’s rich, but light.  It’s salad, but it’s not.  It is a good way to ease into the new year. 
If you are really concerned about RFWS, you might want to have some homemade cookies available.   Or some hot chocolate with whipped cream.  Or both.  Just in case. Then, be at peace that you have done something good for your loved ones. Happy new year from Cowlick Cottage Farm!


* I totally made up Rich Food Withdrawal Syndrome. But I think I have it!!

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