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Greetings, Fellow Gardeners! Just some quick notes regarding our gardening activities for Easter weekend. What a beautiful time of year here in North Florida. Despite the clouds of pollen, we relished the opportunity to be outside in the beautiful, warm sunshine. The okra, soybeans, green beans, cukes and herbs that we recently planted are sprouting. It’s so reassuring to see them poke through the soil. The first of the strawberries were picked this weekend, and it looks like we will have a bumper crop this year. They are so pretty and so sweet!

We spend a good deal of time this weekend planting flowers, including 1200 zinnia seeds and flats of impatiens and white lantana. We added Texas sage, fuzzy Lambs’ Ears, and a few other goodies to the fountain garden. We divided some of the perennials that we planted last year . . . melapodium, tickseed and columbine. It’s fun to get “free plants” and repeating the plantings throughout the yard provides consistency in the gardens.

I also planted a row of watermelon (the famous “Ali Baba”) by our guest cottage. Since Jefferson County is the watermelon capital of the world (LOL), I have great expectations.

We are starting to get some good Spring eats from the garden. For Easter dinner, we enjoyed a wonderful ham from Sweet Grass Dairy just up the road in Thomasville, Georgia. If you ever get a chance, drop by their Marketplace and try their award-winning cheeses and their humanely grown pork and grass-fed beef. They are fantastic! We glazed the ham with pineapple and brown sugar and gave it a little smokey heat on our Big Green Egg. We served our own greens, flavored with local bacon, carmelized onions, seasonings and a little beer. A side of fingerling potatoes with Amish butter and our sweet and snappy shallot scapes rounded out the meal. Delicious!

Our garlic crop is looking fantastic, and we cannot wait for harvest time. It’s about two feet tall and bulbing out now, so it won’t be long!

The Spice Girls are settling into their coop very nicely. They are sweet and friendly and goofy. They love eating fresh grass all day long and they are starting to get their little combs and wattles. What are those things for, anyway? I’m sure they have some important use!

We hope you are enjoying Spring and getting your gardens going. What are you planting this Spring?

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