What Really Worked -- My Favorite New Plant This Year

This has been a really challenging gardening season. Are y’all with me? Daily deluges of rain and very little sunshine melted my garden and kept me in the cottage. Weeds are of epic proportions, and a host of gigantic chomping insects now call Cowlick Cottage Farm home. I am far from the only gardener that has been pissed off challenged by the (dare I say it) climate change. But all is not lost! A few garden stars have emerged, and we are happy to share them with you. First let me introduce you to my favorite new plant.

Gardenia jasminoides Jubilation

Southern Living’s Jubilation™ Gardenia, is a classic addition to any Southern garden. True to its promise, Jubilation was flush with heady, fragrant blooms in early spring, when we planted it around our cattle trough fountain, and it has been blooming all summer. Jubilation gardenia has laughed off the summer’s heavy rains. She has has put on significant new growth this year, dining on an initial feeding of organic fertilizer and a drink of Moo Poo Tea every few weeks. Jubilation gardenia is a dwarf variety but  grows quickly, so you can buy a smaller shrub to save some money.

My favorite new plant keeps her attractive shape, requiring little pruning. I love the juxtaposition of this classic Southern shrub, with its deep green, glossy leaves and creamy blossoms, against our rustic fountain. And the rich perfume of Jubilation gardenia adds a little romance to evenings in the garden. Use Jubilation as an elegant foundation planting, a filler in containers, or as we have, to complement a garden focal point. Want to learn more about gardenias? Check out this article from The Grumpy Gardener in Southern Living.

Gardeners are enthusiastic about sharing their plant knowledge. What is YOUR favorite new plant this year?  We all want to know! For other sexy additions to your garden,  my garden buds have chimed in to share their favorite new plant with you. Just click on the photos visit their blogs. You will laugh and cry and spend more money at your garden center.


Bender (563x422)

Christina (563x455)

Shawna (563x368)

Helen (563x375)

Chris (402x563)

Siam Queen Basil

Sedum Mexicanum 'Lemon Ball'

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