Pimento Cheese


If you grew up in the South, the chances are pretty good that you have a family recipe for pimento cheese. There are over 100,000 or so recipes for it. Virtually every Southern cookbook that I own (and I have a LOT of them!) has at least one recipe for pimento cheese. And
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Heather’s Favorite Shrimpies (it’s an app for her)

Heather's Shrimpies

I honestly have no idea why Heather loves Shrimpies sooooo much. It must be the fact that I’ve been making them for her forever, and they are a throwback appetizer that is part comfort food, part giggle. That must be it! Or it could be the combination of toasty cheese and buttery shrimp
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Gougères (i.e. Really Easy and Very Sinful Little Cheese Puffs)


You would think that something made with butter, cheese and country ham might be a little on the heavy side, right? But gougères are delightful little cheese puffs made with light as air pastry and starring heavenly Gruyère cheese. They are little bites of sinful goodness, that’s what they are.

Fun and
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Best Guacamole from the Garden


Guacamole is a food for gods and gardeners. With its origins from our neighbors in Mexico, it is simple to make–an everyday food. But it literally bursts with the flavors of the summer garden. I think the keys to great guacamole are using the freshest ingredients available, and using a molcajete and tejolete
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Comfort from the Winter Garden: Creamed Kale


This has been a strange winter weather-wise. While my family up north is buried from last night’s historic blizzard, the temperatures here will be in the 70s …
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Summer in a Jar

Organic Mangoes and Peppers

Organic Mangoes and Peppers

I was so lucky this week to receive some absolutely magnificent organic mangoes from our local organic farmer, Miss Louise of Turkey Hill Farm. Please see my post on Jamming to read about the Mango Man, and don’t miss the comments.  I ran into Mango Man’s wife
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