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Homemade Blackberry Jam for the Uninitiated


Some folks find making homemade jam a little intimidating and mysterious. But really, it is no more difficult that mixing a good cocktail, and it is SO worth getting …
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Arugula Salad With Honey Pecan Vinaigrette


I have a confession to make. Although I love to cook and can happily spend hours chopping fruit to make marmalade, I hate making salad. I mean the kind of salad made with iceberg dressing, carrots, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and so forth. Not only do I dislike chopping all the vegetables, but
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Easy Cranberry Freezer Jam

Fresh Cranberries for Cranberry Freezer Jam, Cowlick Cottage Farm

I love to cook for my family for the holidays, and I think Thanksgiving might be our favorite of them all. We keep it casual and low key, aside of preparing for the feast. I minimize the holiday frenzy by preparing some things in advance. I enhanced this traditional cranberry jam (or sauce)
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A Simple Recipe for Classic Brunswick Stew

Classic Brunswick Stew in Le Creuset

Brunswick stew is a classic Southern dish that is a perfect hearty one-pot meal for this time of year. Its origins remind me a little of French peasant stews, made with whatever meats and seasonal vegetables are on hand. So I thought it would be a perfect dish to cook up in my favorite
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A Simple Recipe for Maple-Soy Glazed Salmon


At the request of my dear friends and fellow gardeners, Kylee Baumle, of Our Little Acre and Annie Haven of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew (Annie produces my favorite natural soil conditioner, Moo Poo Tea), I am happy to share my recipe for maple-soy glazed salmon. This easy recipe is tasty enough to serve
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Calypso Beans With Fried Sage Leaves


My Friday lunch hour at TomatoLand, a farmer’s market in Tallahassee, yielded a few delights in addition to the fresh fried oysters they were serving up for lunch. The Georgia peaches were perfectly ripe and the colors of a beachy sunset. We have gotten in the habit of making fresh peach iced tea on
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In Praise of Figs


Have you ever feasted upon a fresh fig? Those that have partaken develop an almost cult-like adoration for them. I must confess that I never tasted a fresh fig until I picked the first one from our own tree a year or so ago.  A fresh, ripe fig tastes nothing like a Fig
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Classic Fried Okra


At this time of year, the okra is taller than I am, and I have to stand on tiptoe to harvest the tender pods that dance at the top of the branches. The okra pods grow so quickly that they need to be harvested daily. I like to pick the pods when they
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