Soup and Stew

Irish Seafood Stew and Soda Bread for St. Patrick’s Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from me to you! We had some wonderful food while in Ireland, where we were impressed by the beautiful local seafood, meats and veggies that were available in the markets and restaurants. I thought it fitting to share the recipes of two traditional Irish dishes that
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Homemade Chicken Soup for the Body and Soul


I have a confession to make. I used to make the absolute worst soup in the world. Just ask my four brothers, who were forced to tolerate my early forays into the art of soup making. My brothers are quite blatantly honest, and their usual comments regarding my early soups were
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Comfort from the Winter Garden: Creamed Kale


This has been a strange winter weather-wise. While my family up north is buried from last night’s historic blizzard, the temperatures here will be in the 70s …
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A Simple Recipe for Classic Brunswick Stew

Classic Brunswick Stew in Le Creuset

Brunswick stew is a classic Southern dish that is a perfect hearty one-pot meal for this time of year. Its origins remind me a little of French peasant stews, made with whatever meats and seasonal vegetables are on hand. So I thought it would be a perfect dish to cook up in my favorite
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The Best Winter Squash Soup

Winter Squash Soup. Gorgeous!

When you have the perfect ingredients for a meal, the preparation is simple. And this rich, elegant squash soup is the essence of simplicity. You don’t even need a recipe for it. You make it once, and you’ll never forget it. What I love the most about this beautiful soup is that it is made
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Easy, Delicious White Bean Soup

Basic Ingredients for White Bean Soup

I love peasant food! Meaning a simple dish made with inexpensive, local ingredients that is hearty and nutritious and satisfying. A great bean soup meets this criteria and more. Beans are incredibly good for you, being fat free, rich in fiber and in nutrients that are especially good for your heart.  The smoked ham hocks that season
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The Pleasures of Cold Weather

The makings of a rustic garden salad

It is the first chilly weather we have had at Cowlick Cottage Farm this fall. Last night dropped down into the thirties, and Lulu, our little labradoodle, slipped into our bed and snuggled in the valley between us, stretched out full length, her fuzzy head on my shoulder. She snores.

Outside, the hens huddled
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It’s Soup Season!

It’s finally fall and the start of the best time of year here in north Florida. The humidity is blown away by cool breezes. The hum of the air conditioner fades away as the sun sets, and it is still dark when we wake in the morning.

For lots of folks, it is the
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