Serious Tomato Cages

Great, reusable tomato cages from cow fence.

Serious Tomatoe Cages

The big project of the weekend was building our tomato cages. Commercial tomato cages just aren’t strong enough to hold up an 8-foot tall heirloom tomato plant, which is what I am aiming for! Our wonderful neighbor gave us some leftover cow fence, and my hubby went to work. For each cage, he cut two eight-foot lengths of 4-foot fencing, which he wired together into a nice, big circle that is eight feet tall.

The Tomato Cages Stand At Attention

Each tomato plant is encircled in its beautiful cage, which is secured with 8-foot steel poles pounded a couple of feet into the ground. These will provide our plants with all the support that they need, and I can easily reach into the cages to tend the plants and pick the tomatoes. These cages are the best ever and were totally free thanks to our generous neighbor. The cages will last us the rest of our lives, and we can also use them to grow peas and other vertical crops, too!

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