Shallots, Garlic and Potatoes

Great root veggies getting ready to pop.

Curing the Shallot Harvest

The garden is bursting with life. We harvested our shallots this weekend–a gorgeous crop of a couple of hundred shallots from one 4X4 raised bed. They are curing under the gazebo for a week, and then they will be ready to store. Of course, we’ve been eating them already, and I am wondering how I ever managed to cook anything without shallots. I love their unique, delicate flavor, and I think they give a lot of depth to any dish where you might usually use onions or garlic. I will save about half of our harvest as seed to plant next season, because I don’t ever want to be without shallots again. They are easy to grow and a valuable addition to both the garden and the kitchen. 

Inchelium Red Garlic

The garlic is doing really well so far, too, and we are hoping for an outstanding crop. The plants are a good couple of feet tall now, and you can see the bulbs swelling up under the ground. We need to wait until the leaves turn yellow–a clear message that the garlic is ready to harvest. It should be ready in a few more weeks. 

Scalloped Squash

We also harvested our first pattypan squash this weekend, and baby zucchini is just a couple of days away. I am surprised it is producing so soon. The plants are huge and lush, and I am looking forward to a quick sauté of squash, olive oil, spring onions and herbs. Yum. 

Red Bliss Potatoes Grow in Pots

The potato experiment appears to be working. I planted organic seed potatoes in 15 gallon pots this year, placing them atop a few inches of soil and covering them with a few more inches of soil. Every time they sprouted 5 or 6 inches, I added more soil, and before I knew it, the plants were flowing over the tops of their giant pots. I’m very curious to see what kind of yield we get using this method. 

There are lots more garden photos in our Gallery.  Please enjoy them!

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