Start Seeding!

It is coming into seeding season here at Cowlick Cottage, which makes me very happy! There is such promise and excitement in poring through the seed catalogs, deciding what seeds to buy, waiting for them to arrive, planting them and waiting for them to miraculously burst through the surface of the soil into the light.

We began getting ready this weekend by setting up our little indoor greenhouse, ordering our seeds, planting a few seeds that we saved from last year, and starting to clean up the garden beds and preparing new ones. Over the next few weeks, we will post about our raised beds, our no dig beds, and the little indoor greenhouse expirement.

Here’s what we ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I have been buying my seeds there for the last couple of years. Their catalog is gorgeous, their selection amazing, and their customer service is old- fashioned and excellent. And just look at this shopping list—isn’t it amazing that you can buy seeds from all over the world and grow them in your own backyard?

Contender (Buff) Valentine Bush Bean
McCaslin 42 Pole Bean – I will grow these in giant pots, teepee style.
Tokio Verte
Japanese Long Cucumber
Casper Eggplant
Rotonda Bianca Sfumata Eggplant
Arugula – Spicy and delicious and easy to grow.
Asian Red Lettuce – I find that the red lettuces grow best in our Southern climate. They are more heat tolerant AND can stand up to a light frost.
Parris Island Cos Lettuce
Burmese Okra – Can’t wait to try this new (for me) variety.
Jalapeno- Craig’s Grande – Jalapenos grow like weeds here in North Florida. We eat them all—recipes to follow.
Corno di Toro Giallo Pepper
Emerald Giant Pepper
Red Malabar Spinach
Bennings Green Tint Scallop Squash
White Scallop Squash
Striata D’Italia Squash – I grew this last year, and it was wonderful. A beautiful and productive type of zucchini
Green Zebra Tomato
Carbon Tomato
Principe Borghese Tomato
Stupice Tomato
Golden Globe Turnip – This is my second order of Gold Globe Turnip. Very delicious. Try this recipe from the Pioneer Woman—you will not be sorry! http://www.the
Ali Baba Watermelon

I cannot wait for my new seeds to arrive, but in the meantime, I will be preparing my flats for their arrival. I am going to try a couple of different growing mediums this year. First is a blend made especially for seedlings. Second, straight worm castings! It will be interesting to see if there is a difference in germination, root health and so forth. I will keep you posted.

In addition to the seeds I’ve ordered from Baker Creek, I have already planted fava beans and organic winter squash seeds that I saved from a gorgeous squash that I bought at Lady Bird Organics in Monticello.

And I have 1,500 zinnia seeds that we will sow as soon as it is warm enough.

That should keep me and The Ted busy for awhile.

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