Sunset Spring Garden Walk

I am a little too tired to write much tonight, but I thought I would share a few photos from the garden this evening. Spring is definitely early, and I am enjoying every minute of it. Springtime is a lot of hard work … pruning, sowing and mulching. To me, it’s a better workout than spending time in the gym! From the looks of the garden today, the attention that we have paid towards building healthy soil is working. The snow peas and strawberries are just ripening, and the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are nestled into their beds. Chinese longbeans and Tromboncino squash have emerged and are starting their way up the new trellis. We are hoping to have artichokes this year, and the okra is off to a strong start. We are looking forward to a great harvest! We are also spending more time planting ornamentals this year–lots of Proven Winners selections and a few other garden favorites. What are you planting this season?

A beautiful heirloom cabbage ready for harvest.

Wisteria grows wild here. It scents the whole garden.

Proven Winners Bubblegum Supertunia is gorgeous!

Beautiful daisies brighten the garden.

The first Iceberg rose emerges.

Alma figs are making a very early appearance!

Knockout pink roses in the new island bed.

Proven Winners Sunsatia Lemon and Bubblegum Supertunia

Old-fashioned stock is a favorite!

Sweet dreams from Cowlick Cottage!

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