Ten Days of Holiday Giveaways–Day Five

From Moo to You!

About Ten Days of Holiday Giveaways for Gardeners: For ten crazy days, I am joined by a bunch of great friends to give away some of my favorite products—all designed, written or produced by people that I know and love. You can check out this link to read the details about the participants and prizes. We’ll be gifting lucky winners with new garden tools, books, deck cards, and more throughout the contest! From a custom-designed De Wit potting scoop, to original botanical illustrations, to awesome gardening books to add to your personal library and much more, there will be lots of chances to win a special Christmas present for yourself or your favorite gardener. Why are we doing this? Well, because we love you, that’s why!

ANNOUNCING THE WINNER OF DAY FOUR: Thank you all so much for your kind comments. Shawna and I have enjoyed reading them all, and we both wish you comfort and joy during this holiday season. And the winner of the Shawna-designed DeWit Potting Scoop is….Tom Mann!  Congratulations and happy digging in the dirt! Please send your mailing address to cowlickcottage@gmail.com, and I’ll ship your potting scoop out to you early next week. Woot!

It’s Day FIVE of Ten Days of Holiday Giveaways for Gardeners, and the star of today is Annie Haven, producer of Authentic Haven Brand Moo Poo Tea. If you follow my blog at all, you know that I love to use Moo Poo Teas on my garden. I trust this high-quality, organic product enough to use it on the food I feed my family. One pretty tea bag makes five gallons of odorless tea, rich with nutrients that feed the soil. It sure keeps my garden healthy and productive! Here’s a shot of the heirloom tomatoes I raised this summer with Moo Poo Tea. I also use Moo Poo Tea to keep my ornamentals and houseplants in great condition. Today’s lucky winner will receive a beautifully packaged 3-pack of Authentic Haven Brand Moo Poo Teas direct from Annie Haven to try in his or her own garden. I know you’ll love it, too!

IMG_2403 (375x563)

For the past few years, I have enjoyed getting to know Annie and hearing fascinating stories of her family’s ranch and the generations of Havens that have devoted themselves to taking care of the soil. My article in GrowWrite magazine, “Portrait of a Lady Rancher,” will give you an idea of the richness of Annie’s history. Annie is a fascinating speaker and a good friend to all gardeners. She is an expert in organic gardening and taking care of the soil—a most important step in raising healthy plants. I really appreciate her sound advice, her great sense of humor, and her friendship.

Annie Haven400px

How to win? It’s easier than buying a lottery ticket (and your chances to win are much better!). Visit Cowlick Cottage Farm each day to see what the prize of the day is, and leave us a holiday greeting in the comments section each day that you’d like to be entered for the contest. We’d also appreciate you sharing our posts on Facebook and Twitter if you are so inclined. I’ll be selecting a winner every day and announcing the winner and the next contest daily! Sound like fun? We hope you join us all throughout the contest to share in the fun and the holiday cheer! Have you been naughty or nice? PS: Being naughty does not disqualify you from entering the contest (being mean, however, does!).

Disclosure: Each of these gifts was provided at no cost to me so that I could give them away to you!

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