The Atlanta Food Blog Forum Rocked!

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Last weekend was a whirlwind of fun and learning at the Food Blog Forum in Atlanta.  The forum, organized by Gwen Pratesi of Bunky Cooks, was hosted by some of my very favorite food bloggers–Jaden and Scott Hair of and Diane Cu and Todd Porter of  The Food Blog Forum had a jam-packed agenda, from hands-on food design and photography sessions, to social media networking, to tons of tips and techniques on how to be a better blogger.  We had the pleasure of talking with cookbook authors, chefs, photographers, vegetable gardeners, web designers, publicists and bloggers from all over the country.  My people. 

We got to party and cook in the demo kitchen at the Viking Store, where Eric had to drag me away from the enviable appliances.  Honey?  This is what I’d like for Christmas:  Thank you! 

The forum itself was held at The Shed at Glendale, where we feasted on great sliders  for lunch.  I liked the fried green tomato and goat cheese combo.    After a full day of intense workshops, we sipped Passion Fruit Whiskey Fizzes at the After Party, which was held at the very chic Spice Market in the W Hotel.  I would like to live there someday.  In the spa.

It is really inspirational to spend time with people that are passionate about what they are doing and that are so willing to share their time and talents with others.  Friends, food, photography, fun, fizz!  All-in-all, the Food Blog Forum surpassed my expectations.

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