Vignettes from the Brooks County Skillet Festival

A stop on the New Leaf Market Fifth Annual Farm Tour

I live in a pretty rural area, so you would think that when I get a chance to venture out from the farm, I might head for the big city. And I do, from time to time. But this weekend the big event was the New Leaf Market Fifth Annual Farm Tour, and my friends, Steve and Jennifer Asbell came to stay with us at Cowlick Cottage Farm and enjoy a weekend in the country. Steve is a very talented artist and writer, and you may visit him at his blog, The Rainforest Garden. Watch for his first book, which is coming out soon!

One of our favorite stops along the farm tour was a new one, the Brooks County Skillet Festival, in Quitman, Georgia. The festival was a true country treat, with lots of booths filled with fresh, locally grown produce and homemade products. From organic soaps and honey, to stoneground grits and pumpkins, it was a really unique event. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the festival.

_MG_5879 (563x369) (2)

Local honey glistens in the afternoon sun.

_MG_5884 (467x563)

Fresh vegetables from the local farms. So pretty!

_MG_5870 (355x563)

I was delighted to see these gorgeous Arbequina olive branches, because we planted this variety of olive in our little grove last Thanksgiving. Georgia Olive Farms is producing some beautiful, fruity olive oil from the same trees.

_MG_5891 (375x563)

The Brooks County Skillet Festival displayed lots of locally grown and preserved pickles, jams and jellies. It was fun to sample all of them!

_MG_5897 (375x563)

Jacksonville artist and writer, Steve Asbell of the Rainforest Garden, takes in the scene.

IMG_0583 (563x513)

Grownups and young’uns alike enjoyed the pumpkin patch!

IMG_0595 (563x375)

The handmade soaps, lotions and potions were popular and make great Christmas gifts.

IMG_0558 (563x414)

It wouldn’t be a Southern festival if there weren’t Red Velvet and Coconut Cakes.

IMG_0597 (563x375)

I love how old meets new in quaint Quitman Georgia. We had a blast at the Brooks County Skillet Festival. It is definitely on the return list for the New Leaf Market Farm Tour next year.

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